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‘There is enough water to comply with the treaty signed with the US’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on the political parties, Chihuahua producers and the population not to be manipulated because there is enough water to comply with the treaty signed with the United States, because otherwise there will be consequences for Mexico.

“Do not forget that there are elections in the United States, we do not want to breach the commitment under any circumstances, at any time, only if we lack water, and no one is forced to do the impossible, but that is not the case.”

In his press conference, in the National Palace, the head of the Executive offered that the Ministry of Foreign Relations manage an eventual supervision of experts from the United Nations Organization to verify the commitment to deliver water to the neighboring country.

“I believe that the matter is being politicized, so I ask the parties to act responsibly, that one thing is to win the governorship of Chihuahua and another is to deceive and manipulate, and to use such a delicate matter for electoral purposes.”

President López Obrador asked Chihuahuas to trust that there is no risk in the supply of water. He even said that if the liquid were needed, he would ask the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to understand our situation.

“I would intervene to achieve a truce, seek an agreement, in the event of a lack of water, that is my commitment, now that if we agree that the UN intervenes to verify if what we are doing is correct, if we are in possibility of accepting it, but we do not want delaying, chicanery tactics, so that we delay the fulfillment of the commitment … no tricks “.

President López Obrador said that in the event of a breach of the agreement, the United States could say that it would generate a greater conflict: “imagine that, for not fulfilling the commitment, they close the border.”