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They arrest a third person implicated in the murder of Luis Miranda Cardoso

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico reported on the arrest of the third person implicated in the murder of the notary public Luis Miranda Cardoso. It is about Raúl Agustín “N”.

The FGJEM announced that it completed an arrest warrant for the crime of qualified homicide against this subject and based on the investigation, he would have entered the house of the father of the PRI deputy, Luis Miranda Nava, on August 11. and together with others implicated, he subjected the victim to later steal valuables, money and a truck from the place.

During the operation to arrest this man, the authorities assured him a sum of cash, which according to the investigations carried out by the institution, is part of what was stolen on the day of the attack on the aforementioned property.

It is for this reason that the prosecution is investigating him for his likely participation in the murder of the former judge of the Judicial Power of the State of Mexico, perpetrated inside a building in the Sánchez neighborhood, in Toluca.

Raúl Agustín “N” was admitted to the Tenango Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center, where he was at the disposal of a Judge, who will determine his legal situation, it is the same prison where Edgar Alejandro “N”, the second man, is admitted apprehended for these facts.

On August 11, the body of former judge Miranda Cardoso was located inside his house, with a firearm shot to the head, as well as gagged, for which reason the Attorney General’s Office began the respective proceedings to identify and locate the likely participants in these events.

The detainee must be considered innocent until the Judicial Authority determines a conviction against him.

It should be noted that this investigation continues its course to arrest other likely participants in these events.