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They offer temporary work to ferieros who came to the Zócalo


Fair workers in Mexico City continue in the Zócalo exchanging piggy banks and cotton candy in exchange for pantries or financial support to overcome the crisis that has left them not working since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They indicate that more than half a year after not being able to settle in the fairs, they no longer have savings or anything to take home to meet basic needs.

The protesters set up a machine to make cotton candy and a sound system with which they support themselves to express their requests and request the support of passersby.

They have not given us pantries, but if they have given us some coins that help us a lot, in exchange we give them a piece of cotton or if the donation is greater than 30 pesos we even offer them a piggy bank “, said Alfredo Sánchez, operator of amusement rides at fairs of the capital.

At around 4:30 p.m., they were attended by Arturo Medina, undersecretary of the capital’s Government, who offered to incorporate them into the temporary employment programs.

What we want to do is an approach, so that they can have support and join an activity without exposing themselves, ”the official explained.

He added that there is still no date for this union to return to its activities on public roads.

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