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Treatment and healing under one roof – L’

The Lymphedema & Mastectomy Foundation inaugurates its new MAIN… TENIR L’ESPOIR. This is a healing center located at 743, boulevard du St-Maurice. It will offer, among other things, help, support and listening for all people affected directly or indirectly by cancer in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec.

For France Sirois, owner of the residence and co-founder of the Foundation, it’s a dream come true. “I’ve been thinking about it for 15 years. It makes me very emotional today to see that we are there, she confides. The Foundation has grown over time and we can now offer an improved experience to the people who come to see us. ”

“It’s a place where we will treat people physically and psychologically, she continues. These people had cancer. They lost a lung, a breast, or something. They experienced a shock. And a few years later, they were diagnosed with lymphedema. And that is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Unfortunately, lymphedema is chronic. They’re stuck with it for the rest of their lives. Here there are therapists to control the situation. ”

In addition, conferences and workshops will be offered at the MAIN… TENIR L’ESPOIR house. Bereavement, reflexology and art therapy are among the topics that will be discussed. “We will also be offering wellness half-days including facials, makeup, reflexology, etc. We will also have other activities such as chair yoga classes, ”says Rachel Noël, administrative director of the house.

Support group for men

The MAIN… TENIR L’ESPOIR team also wanted to offer help to men, who are generally more reluctant to confide in them. This is why a support group dedicated only to spouses has been set up.

“This is a group for men whose partner has or has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a group where men will be able to talk about their emotions. They already know what to do to help their partner, but then they will be able to talk about how they feel, ”explains Ms. Sirois. The group will meet for the first time on the evening of September 9.

Anyone wishing to take part in the activities of the MAIN… TENIR L’ESPOIR house are invited to become a member by purchasing a card at a cost of $ 25.

Recall that the Lymphoedema Foundation, founded in 2005 by France Sirois and Lise Guilbert Goulet (died in 2009 from breast cancer), joined forces in 2019 with the Quebec Mastectomy Foundation, founded by Annie Hardy to ” help more people. Since then, the Foundation has donated the post-mastectomy camisole in addition to continuing to offer financial assistance to people with lymphedema. The money collected during the activities will allow the beneficiaries to receive care appropriate to their conditions, straitjackets and / or treatments.