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“Trump is not a king: he cannot take funds from New York”: governor and mayor react furiously

They accuse him of having caused thousands of deaths from the pandemic and reject his “unconstitutional threats”

NY: political battlefield

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

“Trump has actively sought to punish New York from day one. He let COVID ambush New York. Refuses to provide funds that states and cities MUST receive to recover. Not a king. You cannot “defund” NYC. It is an illegal trick ”.

This is how he summarized last night on Twitter Governor Andrew Cuomo’s criticism of President Donald Trump’s announcement of deny federal dollars to multiple cities, included New York, because they have been the scene of large protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death on May 25 in Minneapolis.

The other cities mentioned were Seattle, Portland and their home, the capital Washington DC, all under Democratic governments.

Yesterday, the Republican president ordered the attorney general, William Barr, to publish within two weeks a list of “Anarchist jurisdictions” that have “allowed violence to persist and the destruction of property, and that they have refused to take reasonable steps to counter such criminal activities.

True to his constant fights with the president, the mayor of NYCBill de Blasio reacted last night in the same vein as Cuomo: “While (Trump) spent this year hiding from COVID-19, New York City led the fight. Now we are trying to recover and he is making us unconstitutional political threats. Mr. President, we will see you in court. We have beaten you there before and we will do it again. “

Cuomo added that Trump should instead work reducing the thousand daily deaths from COVID-19. “Do you want to do something about the public security? ”He asked rhetorically during a press conference last night. “Try to do your job. One thousand people under his federal leadership are currently dying every day from COVID, ”he cited Newsday.

The governor added that the president is “the cause of COVID in New York” and said that the national response, led by the president, failed to prevent the advance of the disease in the United States.

Cuomo has already warned for weeks that New York will be forced to take “very dramatic action” if the state does not receive $ 30 billion from the federal government.

In a similar complaint using the same term, in April Trump stated: “Yes, he declared me king”, responding to Cuomo’s criticism of his plans to reopen the economy before bringing the pandemic under control. Since then they have both had two relatively cordial meetings, while the governor has rejected sending federal forces to stop the spike in crime in the summer, between looting, protests, population exodus, reforms in public security and tensions between the community and the police.

In the meantime, violence in New York and other cities has been repeatedly cited by Trump in his campaign for reelection, in an attempt to link the management of those Democratic mayors with an eventual government of Joe Biden.