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With this application you can buy cars from your cell phone in just one day

Buying a car until a few months ago, prior to the start of the pandemic for COVID-19It could be a long, tedious process, with a lot of documentation, and, above all, with availability of time.

However, the new normality that we have experienced after the contingency, has led different industries to modify their sales techniques, since the health and hygiene rules do not allow crowding of people, as it used to be in dealerships.

That is why the automotive industry has made use of the technology to rethink your sales strategies. An example of this is the brand Cupra, who has designed a app for customers to tour the sales floor, select a car to see its interior, configure it to their liking and buy it from their phone, all from the comfort of their home and without the intervention of a salesperson.

CUPRA El-Born./ Photo: Courtesy SEAT Media Center.

According to information from Oink Oink, the application was developed by Grupo Autofin, owners of the first Cupra dealership in Mexico. Originally it was estimated that the project would take two months, but the launch of the application had to be advanced due to the arrival of 50 units of the Cupra Ateca Limited Edition, the means by which it was contemplated to present this vehicle.

The application of Cupra was presented at one of the brand’s dealerships located in Mexico City, and during the event, the Cupra Garage Business Manager and project manager, Leyre Aizpurúa, explained that the 14-step purchase and sale model is very similar to the from any internet sales application.

As part of the experience of getting to know the vehicle, the customer can click on some part of the car and a voice-over offers an explanation of the relevant points, such as the infotainment system or the digital dashboard. It is also possible to download the technical sheet and request a test drive at home of up to three hours.

At the moment the application only allows purchases in cash. In the next phase of application development, funding will be requested, and it is estimated that this option will be available in two months.