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Back to school: Teachers answer the call

This new school year is exceptional and atypical. In this context of a pandemic, teachers will not have it easy. They will have to fight to ensure respect for hygiene and distancing standards; while remaining as educational as possible. Between certainties, worries and expectations, two teachers from the school board FrancoSouth deliver their testimonies.

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“I have the impression of living, once again, a first return to school. It will definitely not be like we are used to. It is with these words that Véronique Gagnon, grade 1 and 2 teacher at the Calgary New World School, shares her feelings about going back to school.

Véronique Gagnon in her classroom. Credit: Courtesy

“Teacher and janitor this year!” She exclaims. We will have a little less teaching time, because we will have to count extra time in the movements, the disinfection of everything that has been touched, each time ”.

Grade 1 teacher at La Source school in Calgary, Anne-Marie Giasson says she is satisfied with the security measures put in place by the school. Confident in respecting the latter, her greatest concern is the reaction of the students to all these new restrictions. “Will they feel equally welcome, despite this imposed social distancing? And will they manage to appropriate these important new measures? “

Educational adaptability

Copie de Anne Marie Giasson en salle de classe. Crédits Courtoisie Anne Marie Giasson
Anne-Marie Giasson in the classroom. Credit: Courtesy

A question arises. Do the measures put in place risk harming the teaching? The two teachers questioned are categorical. The key word is adaptability.

Happy to be back with the students, Véronique Gagnon had to work again on her teaching planning during the summer. “I won’t be able to do what I used to do. Teaching little ones, I am used to being very close to them, to handling with them. I have to review my practice, because it will not be possible this year, and that worries me! She is not discouraging, however. “I am always able to adjust to the different adventures, if a plan A does not work, I also have a plan B, C… and my head full of ideas! “.

Anne-Marie Giasson sees this school year as a challenge: “By discussing with colleagues, I was able to change most of my old practices. We are called upon to use our creativity on a daily basis and to adapt quickly. By remaining positive, by helping each other, we will succeed in offering our students activities that are just as interesting. “


Copie de Portrait d’Anne Marie Giasson. Crédits Anne Marie Giasson.
Anne-Marie Giasson. Credit: Courtesy

All the heroes wear masks!

The difficulty of teaching with a mask was one of the major concerns of the two teachers. “I work with 6-year-old children and several are learning the language. The movement of the lips and the non-verbal aspect of the face are essential to help their understanding, ”explains Anne-Marie.

Fortunately, “the school where I work is cohort, I won’t have to wear the mask in the classroom for now. I will be when I move out of my classroom and into all the common areas. “

Daily self-diagnosis : a daily self-diagnosis questionnaire is set up in schools. If the question is answered in the affirmative, the teacher will have to stay at home, and comply with a Covid-19 screening test.

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