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Héctor, Renata Notni’s handsome brother that you should meet

The protagonist of “El Dragón” surprised when the gallant that she has for a brother came to light

After almost 15 years of career, Renata notni achievement rise professionally thanks to his leading role in the series “El Dragón” next to the gallant Sebastián Rulli.

This has brought many benefits for the actress, but also for her family, who are with her in the public eye.

It was just for this reason that heThe networks began to revolutionize with the discovery of his brother Héctor, a handsome chef with whom the interpreter has shown be very close.

Through their social networks, the Notni brothers make palpable all the love they feel for each other and the pride that Héctor feels for his 25-year-old sister.

“Brat you make me feel very proud, you have more than earned the place you are today, tAnd you’re going to be a bastard and you’re going to keep going like this because of the way you fight for your dreams, I admire you for the person you are “, wrote his brother in a tender post of Instagram to congratulate her on the actor’s day.

In your personal profile, Héctor shares a lot of images where he boasts not only his family and his passion for cooking, but also recreational photographs of himself that allow many to take a wink.