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How to carry out a fitness diet to increase muscle mass | The race

Good eating habits and exercise are key to increasing muscle mass

Increasing muscle mass in a comprehensive way can be achieved with a series of exercises that involve all the muscles of the body. It must be accompanied by a diet specially designed for fitness, since diet also plays an important role in gaining muscle mass.

What is the fitness diet

In general, we must cultivate good eating habits to maintain good health. But when it comes to gaining muscle mass, you need to eat foods that contribute to it.

Food intake in a diet for fitness It must be done by following certain rules, as it is not about eating a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins. It is true that these are the two important elements, but you have to know how to consume them to avoid complications.

First of all, we must bear in mind that we should not skip the most important meals. Secondly, avoid foods such as cold cuts, processed foods and rich in sugar.

In this sense, foods rich in carbohydrates are: cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, among others. The consumption of carbohydrates, according to what the portal indicates FeedIt should be 4 grams for every kilo of weight in women, and 6 grams for every kilo of weight in men.

Proteins, essential for muscle gain

To gain muscle mass, the diet for fitness should be rich in protein. Thus, the consumption of certain birds, fish, meat, the consumption of eggs and dairy, also legumes and various nuts are essential.

Now, to gain muscle mass, the maximum intake requirement is 1.7 grams per kilo of weight per day. However, these values ​​may vary according to the exercise and the needs of each person.

It is important to have control over what we eat. This means that we should not eat excessively, but neither should we reduce the amount of food we would eat, even less on the days that we exercise, otherwise, our Health will suffer.

If you still do not know how to organize your diet to exercise and gain muscle mass, you can go to an expert, who will provide you with the necessary tools for you to be successful.