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In CDMX offices they make ‘vaquita’ to buy little pieces

The so-called screaming children rehearse for the raffle that will take place on September 15 at 4:00 p.m. in the El Moro Building; they affirm that they feel excited because for them it is a historical fact. Photo: Cuartoscuro


At Government of Mexico City operates a logistics aimed at local public officials at all levels contribute money and help buy tickets for the raffle that the National Lottery will hold on September 15.

In this draw will be delivered 100 awards of 20 million pesos each, two billion pesos in total, an amount equivalent to the value of the presidential plane.

The journalist Pascal Beltrán del Río announced yesterday that senior officials from the different dependencies of the capital government are calling on the general directors to contribute resources to acquire at least two tickets for the raffle, each one.

According to the information, disseminated through his Twitter account, “on the instructions of the head of government” the area directors can buy one ticket each. Each piece costs 500 pesos.

The bureaucrats must deposit the money to the Banorte account number 0015671181, whose owner appears with the denomination R06 HHQ SHCP Lotenal, according to the photo of a ticket that the journalist attached in his thread published in said social network.

If @Claudiashein is not aware of the calls to the controls of the capital bureaucracy to force them and their subordinates to buy tickets for the non-raffle of the presidential plane, it would be very good if he said it and disavowed that it be requested in his name ” , he indicated.

When asked about the fact that the workers of the Government of Mexico City are being forced to buy little pieces for the raffle of the presidential plane, the president of the capital clarified that the contributions are not mandatory.

There is nothing mandatory obviously, it is absolutely voluntary. Yes, we have said, whoever wants to buy little pieces, as does any citizen who wants to contribute to the public health sector, which is the destination that all the resources of the raffle will have ”, he explained after supervising the tests of the new articulated trolleybuses.

The head of government added that she has already bought four pieces.

And well we tell people ‘buy your little piece, don’t forget it’, but from there we are doing something mandatory, for no reason, “he reiterated.

Sheinbaum called to denounce any irregularity in this matter.

If someone thinks or someone told them that it was mandatory (buy little bits), it is not mandatory; if someone is forcing you, then you should present your complaint to the Comptroller’s Office because no, it is not like that ”, he assured.

-With information from Jorge Argüelles


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He has denied that bureaucrats are being pressured to buy nuggets of the raffle about the commercial value of the TP-01 plane.

In his morning conference last Monday and, at an express question, he assured that everything is voluntary.

Since National Palace, the head of the federal Executive noted that there is a purchase commitment for 1.7 billion pesos in tickets for this raffle, which will be held on September 15.

It is not true that bureaucrats are being forced to buy a piece of the lottery, it is not true, no one is being forced, everything is voluntary, whoever wants to help sell and buy little pieces for the raffle. I take this opportunity to warn that it is going well, there are already commitments for 1.7 billion, and we have 15 days to go, that is, we are going to spend the 2 billion that this will ensure the prizes, ”he explained.

He anticipated that, of the six million lottery tickets that were distributed, four million are expected to be purchased. The rest, two million, will be given to the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi).

There are six million pieces, at least four million will be sold, but the two million that remain also go to Insabi. So in the raffle Insabi has the possibility of winning 33% of the prizes. I ask people to help us to continue buying their little piece, it is going very well. The purpose is going to be fulfilled ”, he affirmed.

On July 27, López Obrador reported that 25% of the six million lottery tickets for the raffle for the commercial value of the presidential plane had been sold, which represented around one million 530 thousand 800 little pieces.

That day, he indicated that businessmen and union organizations had agreed to buy tickets and give them to their workers.

About three weeks ago, Lotenal said that the advance in sales was 33 percent.

-From the Editorial Office