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IRS Recovers 70 Percent of Stimulus Checks It Wrongly Sent to People Who Died | The race

The IRS was required to notify the relatives of the persons who died to return the stimulus check.

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS / AFP / Getty Images

The Trump administration reported that it managed to recover almost 70 percent of the $ 1.6 billion on aid payments that were sent in error to people who died because the government rushed to distribute the money from the stimulus check to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus, according to the watchdog.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) had reported that at the end of June the federal government still had about half of the $ 2.6 trillion that Congress approved in the response program to the coronavirus outbreak.

The office acknowledged that the government’s swift action to issue stimulus checks led to more than a billion dollars in payments that were misdirected.

During the month of June, several recommendations were issued, among them that the Internal rents service (IRS) will explore more cost-effective options for be able to notify the relatives of the deceased on how to return the almost $ 1.2 million in stimulus checks that were sent.

Until this week the GAO will verify the exact number of payments that were sent in error. The body had also recommended that Congress allow the Social Security Administration share your death data with the Treasury Department to avoid any future payments to people who are not eligible. According to the report, the Senate approved a bill that would allow this to be done.

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The agencies are also taking steps to respond to other recommendations, including that the Small Business Administration develop plans to identify and respond to risks and address potential fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program of more than $ 669 billion that offered small business loans.

Of the total of $ 2.6 trillion in relief measures approved by Congress since the start of the pandemic, the GAO said that as of June 30 they had committed $ 1.5 trillion, of which were spent $ 1.3 trillion.

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