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Kate Beckinsale, all-terrain mom


Fairmont Royal where he had filmed 20 years ago with John Cusack Serendipity, Kate Beckinsale accepted a much more modern interview, to talk about her true mother role, in contrast to the time of its beginnings and the much more current world of social media like Instagram, where 4 million fans follow her.

We know that in your youth you came to win competencies as a writer. Didn’t you think about writing more?

I plan to do it, but it is not what I want to do now. For some reason I have been working for six months in a row. But writing is something I definitely want to do.

Kathrin Romany Beckinsale was born on July 26, 1973 in London, as the only child of British actors Richard Beckinsale and Judy Loe. She was barely 5 years old when her father died of a heart attack and from the age of 9 she grew up with her stepfather, director Roy Battersby.

He had almost turned 18 when he made his television debut, with a little character. She had a courtship with Michael Sheen, after they met in the theater production The Seagull, in 1995. Together they recorded an audiobook of Romeo and Juliet, with a love that was reflected in reality, with daughter Lily, which they had in 1999.

In 2000 she returned to the cinema with the film The Golden Bowlbut he met fame thanks Pearl harbor, with Ben Affleck. With John Cusack he followed the path of romantic comedies with Serendipity and the independent cinema of Laurel canyon with Christian Bale, although she became an expert in the action genre with the blockbusters Underworld and Van Helsing (at the time he separated from Sheen).

She also enjoyed the Oscar film style when she played Ava Gardner in The viadorby Martin Scorsese. She was even a member of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and in 2016 she premiered at the Sundance Film Festival the romantic comedy Love & Friendship.

Tempted by the new Hollywood fashion of filming TV series she also starred The Widow, about a widow who tries to find the truth about her husband’s disappearance. And with Adrien Brody she will return to the cinema with The fool, about the story of a celebrity who can lose everything, for a ‘fool’ love.

How old were you when you decided on acting?

I was 17 or 16 years old.

Did you consult them, at the beginning, when reading a script or selecting a new job?

Not at first, because I was too concerned about not using my family, trying to be more individual. But even back then, I wanted to be independent, to be myself from the beginning. And it didn’t end up like that. I am lucky to have a family that cares about my profession and knows how to comment. To this day I talk a lot with my family about my work, usually after finishing a shoot, we talk about it.

Did you ever work with your mother?

I filmed a very strange commercial with her. And it was also part of Underworld for a very short time.

What character does he have?

Some older person. It was there and I put it in (laughs). We also filmed with Terry Jones. She played a restaurant waitress. And again, it was there just the day I was filming.

Was there a time when you realized that you wanted to follow the same steps as your parents?

Yes. I think it’s something that happens when your parents are actors and today I find out with my daughter Lily. As soon as you learn to speak, someone asks you “Wouldn’t you like to act too?” You’re still going to be in diapers when someone starts asking you. I guess it’s typical and your instinct leads you to say “Absolutely no, I don’t want to do what my parents do.” It’s something that I said and my daughter said as well. But today I am sure that she is also going to be an actress.

When are we going to see your daughter working as an actress then?

Probably very soon, I imagine. I keep insisting that she be a doctor, but I don’t think it’s going to work.

How difficult is it to be a mother at this point in life where your daughter has already turned 19?

I thought having babies was difficult, but having an adult as a child is much worse. It is terrifying to know that she goes out alone. It is awful.

Does it get much more difficult around the time you start dating?

I don’t know, I think every step of parenting we think is the hardest and then everything changes again. My friends, they all have six-year-olds and I was long past that barrier. Suddenly they ask me when I stopped feeding them at midnight and I no longer remember, I have all other shit new to worry about.

What were your concerns as a child? Have you ever suffered some kind of bullying at school, with the classic bullying?

Yes, all of us who are actors, at some point in our lives have experienced some kind of bullying.

TV host Jay Leno says he learned to defend himself in life thanks to the bullying he suffered.

A large percentage of the hardest moments in life also generate some strength, but I don’t think all of them … I can’t say that I’m happy to have lived it.

Paul McCartney also recently said that in his day, there were teachers in school who beat them with a ruler in their hands, in Britain. Did it ever happen to you?

Someone hit me? No, but I had a teacher who once told me “I hope you get raped for wearing such a short dress.” I was just 13 years old. And she was a teacher, a woman! I think I told my mother. But hey, they are those kinds of things that if they say them today, they immediately fire her, with total justice.

And having grown up in London, did you ever come across racist groups? skinhead so famous?

Yes, total panic.

Was everyone afraid of them?

Yes, yes, because they had no limits. They weren’t just racist, they hit anyone. No one was sure of anyone, although you were more vulnerable if your skin was not white. I remember that they were very scary, especially because they went out in groups. It was very rare to see just one walking down the street. At least there were six. And if they were on the same path where you were walking, you crossed the street pretending that you were going the other way.

And nowadays when a lot of people suddenly approach you, even if it’s people asking for an autograph, doesn’t it scare you?

If I’m alone, sometimes, yes. If I am with other people, I feel much more secure, but yes, when a lot of people come running towards me, sometimes it is very intimidating.