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Minor drowned in Lerdo

A minor who was with his mother in a Lerdo nursery accidentally fell into a pool of water and drowned.

At 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, the notice was received about what happened on Coronado Street and Pino Suárez Avenue, in the downtown area of ​​Lerdo.

The first aid workers and elements of the Municipal Police went to the indicated place and, after realizing that the child was dead, they reported to the Deputy Prosecutor of the Laguna Durango Region.

Later, the agent of the Public Ministry and experts from the Prosecutor’s Office appeared to take cognizance of the fact.

The mother told the ministerial authorities that they were in the nursery with her son no older than five years, and in a few minutes’ carelessness, they found him in a pool with water, but when they rescued him it was too late, he had drowned.

The body of the infant was sent to the Semefo facilities for the legal necropsy.

The mother will testify about the facts before the agent of the Public Ministry who will determine what is conducive, according to the Law.