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Shy, insecure, perfectionist: the 10 things Yalitza Aparicio hates about herself

Since he opened his YouTube channel weeks ago, Yalitza Aparicio She has been sharing special content with her followers so that they get to know her a little more on a personal level and this time she decided to open her heart and confess what she cannot bear about her way of being and what she plans to do to correct it.

The protagonist of the movie “Roma” published a video called “The 10 things I hate about myself” and she recognized that it is always much easier to see the defects of others instead of her own, but with the passage of time she has become much more reflective about what she wants to keep and what not and does not affect those around her.

“The first thing I hate is that I am very overprotective, also the one that I cannot detach myself from things because I am very apprehensive, I am very perfectionist, I am extremely detailed and meticulous, I hate my insecurity, I am super shy, I am not an organized person in my personal life, I am very demanding with punctuality, the fact that I cannot give time to my hobbies shocks me and finally another thing that I hate about myself is that I am very distracted and it happens to me all the time “Yalitza said.

On the other hand, the Oaxacan woman promised her fans that in the next videos to be published on her channel, she will visit various emblematic places of her native state, such as her town Tlaxiaco, and will teach the most important aspects such as gastronomy, handicrafts that are they manufacture and the festivals and traditions that are celebrated.

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