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Taco Bell recalls five items from its menu, one is a people’s favorite

Fast food chain Taco Bell announced the withdrawal of five items on your menu as of November 5.

One of the products what will remain for outside is the Mexican Pizza, one of the consumers’ favorites.

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“We know that some fans will be sad that he is leaving the menu, so are we,” the company said in a statement. “The consolation is that by saying goodbye to Mexican pizza we are taking a step towards our commitment to a lighter footprint on our planet“.

The pico de gallo sauce and the three versions of the shredded chicken they will also leave the menu. The first will be replaced by chopped tomatoes. For the second, the chain suggests its customers ask for the qclassic chicken uesadilla and chipotle chicken melt.

“The creativity and innovation of our kitchen has not diminished, we aspire to bring new products that are favorites of our customers,” said Mike Grams, the president of Taco Bell.

The chain will soon begin offering the Quesalupa as a new product in various states. The dish is a classic chalupa filled with pepper jack cheese and mozzarella.