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The list of affected schools made public as of this afternoon –

The government will make public as of this afternoon the list of schools where at least one case of COVID-19 has been declared, in a temporary form. And “as soon as possible, in the next few days”, detailed information should be available online.

“We will not enter for the moment in the number of cases per school, but I confirm that there is a very limited number of cases per school”, indicated the Minister of Health Christian Dubé, in briefing. Friday afternoon.

“Of the 184 new cases enumerated yesterday, about twenty affect schools,” added the minister. The good news is that we don’t have an outbreak in schools, but rather unique cases of affected students or teachers. Public Health is working hard to investigate these cases and notify people who have been in contact. ”

Mr. Dubé was delighted with the way the return to school took place across the province. “We were concerned about the start of the school year. I know it’s not perfect but we were prepared. ”

Do not relax during the long leave

Quebecers have also been called on to be cautious as the long Labor Day break approaches.

“Everyone likes to take a long vacation, but in the context of the current pandemic, you may find me a bit boring, but I think we have to be extra careful,” said Minister Christian Dubé. The outbreaks of the last few days come from the community, that is, from our daily actions, when we see our families and have social activities. I know it’s not easy, but you have to keep your distance and wear the mask. ”

“We have the power to change things and reduce the number of cases. You have to follow the instructions; I will not repeat them to you, you know them. “

– Christian Dubé

During a press briefing held earlier in Sorel-Tracy, Prime Minister François Legault also called on Quebeckers not to relax the measures during the long weekend.

“We are far from the spring figures but we have an increase in cases. We must not relax; you have to wear the mask and keep your distance, ”he said, also stressing that the government would henceforth be more severe towards offenders, including bar owners.

“We want to prevent as much as possible a second wave which would lead us to re-confine the population. Relaunching the economy without relaunching the pandemic is our great challenge. ”

Establishment of an alert level

As unveiled by some media in recent days, the government is currently working to set up an alert level system by region or sector.

“Well-informed journalists knew that we would arrive with such a system in the coming days,” said Christian Dubé. We are not ready to say more for the moment, but we will have a specific press briefing on this next Tuesday. ”