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They give the starting signal to 80 new trolleybuses; so they are


Claudia Sheinbaum, head of Government of Mexico City, attended this Thursday morning at the Iztapalapa city hall to give the starting signal to the pre-operational tests of the new units of the Trolleybus.

Units were manufactured in Zhengzhou China, and each one has capacity for 85 passengers.

Today we gave the starting signal for 80 new trolleybuses. As I promised, we will have a fleet of 500 Trolleybuses in 2023, five times greater than the one that existed in 2018, the largest in the world, “said the head of government.

The new units have a length of 12 and 18 meters and each cost 7.4 million pesos.

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The electric units arrived in the capital of the country, on July 22, the president announced it through her Twitter account.

The new trolleybuses from China are already arriving. I remind you, this year we are acquiring 130 new units. We strengthen public transportation by reducing emissions, improving air quality and at the same time, providing a better service to citizens, ”said the local president.

The general director of Electronic Transport services, Guillermo Calderón highlighted that with this new fleet, Mexico City is at the forefront in terms of mobility, since it represents clean transport with new technology.

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In addition, an articulated trolley bus with a capacity of 142 people is incorporated.

The new units will soon be incorporated into the zero emissions corridors of Eje Central, Eje 7 Sur, Eje 2 Sur, and the new corridor of the Villa de Cortés line in Iztacalco.

With the 63 Trolleybuses that were acquired in 2019 and the 81 that are added to the fleet, the capital of the country has 193 new units for which 1,757 million pesos were invested, informed Guillermo Calderón.

The president of the capital listed the transportation projects that are carried out in Mexico City, highlighted that throughout her administration approximately 100 billion pesos will be invested for this item.

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We always said that the best bet we could make in the city is public transport, the strength or vision of the city has to do with strengthening public transport, also for reasons of social equity, “he said.

Andrés Lajous, Secretary of Mobility commented that due to the success in the operation of the shared lane between the trolleybus and cyclists from Eje Central, a new section will be added on Eje 2 that will go from Avenida Chapultepecc to Velodrome.

Finally, Sheinbaum Pardo pointed out that next year two Cablebús lines will operate and the modernization of Metro line 1 will soon begin.

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