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A new tool to enforce the 2-meter distance –

Manufacturer of various types of alcohol detectors, including Alco-Tube Plus, the company Alco Prévention Canada has just put on the market a new device making it possible to enforce the 2-meter distance required by public health authorities.

The called device Distancer Alert 2 assesses the space between two people. With an indicator light and sound (if desired), the device alerts the two people when they are not within 2 meters (about 6 feet) of each other.

“It is an ideal tool for all traders concerned with security and the harmonious relationship between their employees and their customers”, one mentions in a press release sent to the media.

Thus, when two people are more than 2 meters from each other, the drawings on the Distancer Alert 2 are green. When the two people are within 2 meters of each other, the drawings turn red.

The device can be useful in various types of businesses. (Photo Courtesy)

In addition, when these two people are within 1 meter of each other, the drawings are red and flash. An audible alert can also be triggered, if desired.

The device can be useful in a variety of businesses such as restaurants, hotels, health facilities or clinics, offices and retail businesses.

“It prevents your employees from intervening verbally. It is a simple and courteous way to enforce the distancing instruction and allows a pleasant and warmer environment, ”says Stéphane Maurais, General Manager of Alco Prevention Canada.

For more details, see the website of the company.