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A survivor of coronavirus in Miami owes $ 1 million to the hospital that treated him | The race

The man, despite having insurance, has to face this great financial burden for spending 20 days with a respirator

John Place has recovered from the coronavirus but now has to face a great deal of debt.

Photo: John Place Family / Courtesy

A South Florida man has gone from fighting COVID-19 to having to fight against an economic burden that, perhaps, can never pay.

“People will say that your life is priceless. It’s a small bill to pay, but it’s not really. I’ve never seen my name attached to a number like that. Never, ”said John Place.

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The number is close to a million dollars and that’s just the hospital bill. It will probably be even more once all the bills come in. The man spent 45 days in the hospital and 20 days on a ventilator. She is still recovering from COVID-19.

“My right hand is completely numb. I cannot lift more than 10 pounds with both hands, my shoulder is still very weak. I have numbness in my left leg ”, he commented.

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When he recovers, another battle awaits him. “We haven’t had a job since the beginning of March, so we have spent 6 months without income “, he emphasizes.

The couple is in the event planning industry, that has been severely affected by the pandemic.

His wife, Michelle Zymet, is very worried and stressed. The insurance her husband had only covered part of his bills and has a high deductible. You will try to negotiate with the hospital and fight with your insurance company.

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They both believe that financial ruin awaits them if they can’t pay the bills. They said they fought before the hospital crisis just to pay his regular bills.

“We are grateful and blessed that he is here so that he can tell his story,” said Michelle. The family has created a page of GoFundMe Just to pay the rent and the bills