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Captain Tsubasa Review: Rise of New Champions, Madden NFL 21, Windbound and Philips Hue | The race

We present you the best gadget and video game recommendations for you to stay at home to enjoy

Captain Tsubasa Review: Rise of New Champions, Madden NFL 21, Windbound and Philips Hue

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We have the best gadgets and titles no matter which console video game Whether you have or what genre you prefer, we will review games for all tastes and with which you can spend hours of fun in your home. On this occasion we present you: Philips Hue, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, Madden NFL 21 and Windbound.

Philips Hue

It is an innovative way to get to the promised point of having a House intelligent, because they are about spotlights that connect with the Wifi or via Bluetooth and that we can control with our cell phone or tablet.

To do this, you just have to install the app, pair them with the Bridge (a kind of brain that gives control to the lights) and the Magic begins to emerge.

There is a huge possibility of things to do, like program the light for wake, to go to sleep and even control it if you are not at home, lower the intensity and everything, either through the app or with devices that have control of voice.

If you choose the colored ones, you have a huge range to choose from setting in HouseThere are even options for them to turn on and turn off to the rhythm of the music, with what you can feel as if you were in a dive. An option to live the future since already.

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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Or as we know it in most of latin america, the Super champions, it’s a soccer game type Arcadian, in which the least you have to wait for is realism, as in anime, spectacular plays reign far from what you could really live.

It has several game modes, of which the history one stands out, which is divided into two: a campaign starring Ozora Tsubasa, also known as Oliver Atom, and another where we can create our own player.

Although the controls are intuitive, the gameplay becomes repetitive very quickly so it lacks strategy to a point that scoring a goal becomes easy. Another detail is that it has long scenes of dialogue between matches, which completely take away the rhythm. It is a game that only those who are fans of the series will love, but if you are expecting something like the FIFA, you are in the wrong place. Is available in PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch and Pc.

Madden NFL 21

This year’s update proves it’s time to see what the franchise can do in the new generation as the improvements are hardly noticeable in the graphics and gameplay It is the same as we have seen, although it does not stop being the Madden most realistic ever created so far.

There is a wide range of game modes among which stands out in which we make decisions to advance the story, while the ones that stand out is the Ultimate Team and Face of the Franchise. There are also a huge number of options to customize the player.

As always, the best side to enjoy this title is the multiplayer, either at home with friends or via the Internet. In short, if you are a fan of the franchise and this sport, it is a game that you must have. Is available in Ps4 and One And the best thing is that those who purchase the new generation consoles can have the version for them at no additional cost.


It is a colorful and charming survival game, starring Kara, who ventures into the Forbidden Islands after a shipwreck.

Although it looked promising, the objectives become a bit repetitive despite the wide variety of islands we can enter and enemies we have to face, even many times they flee from a confrontation.

You could spend some 40 hours depending on our skill and the difficulty you choose. In short, an entertaining game that fans of the genre will like, although it is also true that combat mode could have been much better. Is available in PS4, One, Switch and Pc.

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