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Centrochut against misogyny

Marion reimers she has a bittersweet feeling to say that she is the first Hispanic journalist to narrate a Champions League final. She has already done it twice. But it worries her that no woman has ever done it before. The Reimers revolution has challenged machismo within the television ecosystem in Mexico. Her strong feminist voice has made her one of the most recognized communicators in America. Now, with this, the tick of misogyny accompanies her on the Internet.

He studied History of Art. She researched Renaissance art in Florence and loves German Romanticism – her favorite painting is Wanderer above the Sea of ​​Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich. Later, she became a journalist and entered the sports field when women were still always behind men. “It is very sad that there have not previously been narrators, because I think that before me there have been many who knew more about football than I did.”

Born in Mexico City in 1985 and with a 14-year career at Fox Sports, Reimers has gained an unusual resistance to macho comments. “Once an ex-partner said: ‘He hits the ball like you have to hit your girlfriend from time to time.’ That was the environment in which I started ”, he puts as an example, and vindicates the need to oppose it:“ I don’t think there is such a thing to raise your voice too much. When is too much? I live in a country where 10 women are killed a day for being a woman ”.

Reimers working at home.

Its emergence coincided with the creation of the first women’s soccer league in Mexico, in 2017. The competition gained momentum and the journalist has been its great spokesperson. Reality changes and has allowed her moments of joy: “Like entering a canteen where men play dominoes on a Monday night and seeing 22 women on television making a living, with their bodies, playing soccer.”

Its success sparked a wave of harassment on social media. The insults your colleagues receive have to do with their opinions. Yours have to do with your gender. “They want to scare us and keep us quiet.” In 2017 he founded an organization, Versus, to showcase digital violence and elevate the debate. One of his initiatives was to create profiles of Mexican soccer players on Wikipedia. The platform decided to eliminate dozens by not considering them relevant.

He has narrated the last two finals of the European Cup. She has covered three World Cups and two Olympic Games. But that notoriety she has gained, she says, leads her to a lonely place. “Women are drenched in the impostor syndrome,” she reflects. Marion Reimers calls not to be neutral in journalism: “They have attacked me by telling me that I have lost objectivity because I am a feminist. I believe that I have acquired more objectivity by being so because I do not reaffirm structural oppressions, but rather I place myself on a side that seeks a more even world for all people ”.