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Countering cybercrimes during the pandemic –

Saint-Anicet author and computer security specialist Andrée Décarie uses her experience to fight cybercriminals.

In fact, she lectures to warn people about the current upsurge in cybercrime during the time of COVID-19.

“Technology has become indispensable. So cybercrimes exploded exponentially. And it’s worse since the start of the pandemic, ”says the one who demystifies everything during her conferences. “How to recognize them, how to protect themselves from them? What are the actions to take? What does the law say about this? », Questions to which the author who worked for several years in computer security answers.

Many victims

Using social media during the pandemic has made people less isolated. But this way of doing things has compounded the problems. Cyberbullying, but also sexting, cyberpornography, phishing, identity theft. “For some, it has become the Far Web. Emails, texts or instant messages that claim to be cruel or threatening. Sending embarrassing photos. Insults on the pages, harassment. It often leads to deaths. On the Internet, criminals are like sharks in a pool full of fish, ”says Andrée Décarie, who explains to people how to defend themselves. Protect yourself from this intimidation.

She talks about the consequences, but also about the means to take to denounce and avoid getting caught. “Phishing. Fake emails. The Fake News. It’s necessary to be vigilant. Never provide personal information. It’s important to check the sources, ”she says. When an offer is too good to be true, it is not true. It is one of the tips for spreading cybercrime.

The author is currently speaking virtually. She recently did so for the benefit of subscribers of the Bibliothèques de Montréal, Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles borough.

And other subjects

Andrée Décarie is also able to present other conferences for young people or a wider audience.

She offers her services to talk about Crime Thrillers and Social Justice, a creative process. It is a discussion with young people of contemporary themes of social justice included in the novels. “We are also talking here about cybercrimes, cyberbullying, the environment, rare earths, artificial intelligence, synthetic drugs. The purpose of this activity is to arouse an interest, an awareness on the elements of social justice which affect us all ”, she evokes.

Another theme, Artificial intelligence, at the heart of our lives. “There is no escaping it, AI is everywhere. We want to understand how it works, what it’s for. Is it optimization or manipulation? Let’s take an AI world tour. “

Finally, the one who wrote two parts of Cyprien and the Nazi Zombies offers World War II, mysteries and technological discoveries. This workshop allows you to discover the main events of the Second World War, including the Battle of the St. Lawrence and the technological advances made by the Canadians and the Allies.

It is possible to reach the artist at Revolt editions via the [email protected]