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Francisca Lachapel celebrates that she can now speak English fluently | The race

“At some point I thought that this would not be possible,” said the host of Despierta América who for some time returned moments of discouragement

Francisca lachapel

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Francisca lachapel it has shown that there are no small achievements. The host of Despierta América has used Instagram to celebrate with her fans that she can now speak English fluently.

The host of Despierta América emphasizes that no matter how long it takes to learn, everyone has a different learning process, the core of this achievement is that the path traveled led her to meet her goal which today stands out through its publication.

“At some point I thought this would not be possible,” explains Lachapel, who also experienced moments of discouragement.

“The road is long and difficult, I am still on it, but I feel very proud and I want to share it with you in case someone here feels a little discouraged because something has not turned out as expected, take strength. I have learned that no matter how slow you move forward, what really matters is PROGRESS. Kisses! ”, Concluded the driver of Dominican origin.