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Groom seriously admitted to hospital for Covid-19 celebrates his wedding in a special way | The race

A Texas couple did not allow the coronavirus prevent us from celebrating the day they had been preparing and waiting for with emotion for months.

Grace Leimann and Carlos Muniz they were married at the hospital where Muniz battles the lingering effects of COVID-19.

The couple were scheduled to celebrate their wedding last month, but Muniz he got sick just the week of the wedding. Shortly after diagnosis, admitted to the ICU from the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio.

“COVID-19 caused a lot of damage to his lungs. Both lungs collapsed twice, ”Leimann said, Inside Edition reports.

Given the situation and the inevitable cancellation of the wedding, a nurse suggested holding the ceremony even in his hospital room. At least that would cheer him up.

“When I mentioned the possibility of getting married here, for me it was as part of his therapy to heal himself and give him the motivation to keep fighting. I was going to help his spirit so that he can continue to recover, “said the nurse to the aforementioned medium.

Leimann walked down the hospital corridor in the wedding dress she planned to wear to the original ceremony. Muniz put on some kind of tuxedo. The hospital even made an exception and allowed parents and children to attend the ceremony.