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“I became a bad father”: Caitlyn Jenner reveals how she harmed children with her transition | The race

In an interview, Kylie Jenner’s father has revealed that before he was forty he already had a secret double life

The tv star Caitlyn Jenner, known as Bruce jenner before going public with her gender transition in 2015 and, likewise, due to his glorious Olympic past, he has returned to open up about some of the setbacks and collateral damage generated by his particular internal battle against a physique and an identity that did not belong to him, from which clear moments of unhappiness and apathy emerged.

In this case, the former husband of Kris jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian clan, has revealed that one of his first contact with femininity occurred when he was about to turn forty and was already working as the father of four children. At that time, Caitlyn was already wearing women’s clothing and, doing her best not to be recognized, he went out to the streets to begin to familiarize himself with the kind of life he wanted to follow.

However, and as she herself admitted in conversation with the actor Rob lowe, who now hosts a podcast called ‘Literally!’, her need to find her place in the world and to start experimenting with those cultural elements associated with her condition as a woman led him, on the other hand, to neglect to some extent the needs of his own offspring, to the point that he has not hesitated to describe himself as a “bad father” that he was “not there” for his children as much as he should.

“During those four and a half years, I did everything in my power to deal with it. Honestly, I thought my transition would begin before I was even forty years old. I dressed as a woman and went out secretly, but evidently I never counted it in my inner circle. I would go out alone, I would drive around town and I was never caught. I got really good at living a double life. But at the same time I became a bad father. I was so busy with my own affairs that I was not there for my young children ”, acknowledged the also mother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner.