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IRS will continue to send stimulus checks until the end of 2020 (in some specific cases) | The race

The preliminary paper check mailing schedule is supposed to be completed this week; however, the office will need more time to process some payments

Those who have not yet received their payment from the IRS have the option of consulting the “Get My Payment” tool to find out the status.

Photo: Jan Vašek / Pixabay

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) told CNET that sending economic stimulus checks it will continue for the remainder of this year for certain groups.

This Friday, September 4, the agency was supposed to – theoretically – complete the sending of paper checks, according to the distribution schedule contained in a memo from the agency.

However, in practice, the scenario seems to be different.

According to the report from the media specialized in technology, the beneficiaries who should have already received their payments are divided into five groups. Most likely, Americans who are not part of these sectors should be on the lookout to see if they receive the payment due in the coming months.

In the worst case, as we have already explained in other articles, You will have to claim the “Economic Impact Payment” due during the next tax season.

The groups that the check has already been sent to, according to CNET’s tally, are as follows:

1. Taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 and 2019 and who provided information about their bank accounts for direct deposit to the IRS.

2. The second group is the Social Security beneficiaries who supplied the direct deposit information to the agency for electronic payment. The IRS figures suggest that in the first two months of distribution of payments, 120 million of the 159 million payments sent to Americans were by direct deposit.

3. Paper checks began to be mailed approximately one week after deposits, on April 24. People who signed up to the IRS system by May 13 for a wire transfer of the payment should have already received the money. If on that date you did not make the change for the payment to reach your bank account, it is assumed that the payment will arrive by check. Since April 24, the agency has been sending checks weekly based on the income level of the beneficiaries until this Friday, September 4, when they were supposed to finish the process.

4. The IRS in conjunction with the Treasury Department issued 4 million payments in the form of credit card that were sent last May. Many of these people have already received the money. However, thousands of recipients threw away the card that came to them from the United States Postal Service under the belief that it was junk mail. If this is the case, you should request a replacement. Here you can read about how to perform the procedure.

People who have not yet received their payments always have the option of consulting the “Get My Payment” tool to find out the status of the process.

In the past weeks, the office reported that it processes $ 500 payments due for dependents to some beneficiaries, as well as 50,000 who had been wrongly withheld for child support.

In some instances, individuals will need to submit their information to the IRS through the “Non-filers” tool so the agency can process the payment. Here we tell you if you should resort to this procedure or not.