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José Luis Trueba watches the novel ‘Malinche’ with a gender perspective

In Malinche, his new novel, Trueba demystifies the character. Photo: Archive


Malinche, the new novel by José Luis Trueba Lara, seeks that this controversial character in the Mexico history no longer be seen as a “black beast” that betrayed its people, and see it in the context of its time, without judging the past.

In an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río for Radio Image, Trueba Lara pointed out that you have to see Malinche “with a gender perspective, that is, to realize that the Conquest was more than a world of males, a world of men and that there were also women and some of them, like Malinche, they learned to play the new rules of the game ”, he asserted.

She explained that, in that period of our country’s history, women “are the ones who learn to speak new languages, to deal with the Spanish or with other indigenous groups and who, as a pilón, live miscegenation,” Trueba said as part of the reasons why he wrote this book.

In Malinche, his actor proposes two aspects to rediscover the character. The first one, she says, “is a woman who is determined to survive. Imagine living in a war with Spaniards and between indigenous people. With a brutal smallpox epidemic in which millions of indigenous people die ”and she decides to survive.

On the other hand, he explains that she “has a sensational gift. She is a frontier woman, she lives in what would be Tabasco or Veracruz, where the Mayan, Nahua, Huasteca and southern traditions come together and that makes her polyglot ”.

This gift gives her the special characteristic, that a year after being assigned to Hernán Cortés almost as an object, Malinche becomes indispensable and is sitting between Moctezuma and the conqueror not only translating, but also playing the rules of the moment.

Faced with this attribute, there is no other option than to be dazzled in front of it ”, says the author.

Malinche is the historical novel of a woman concerned with living and getting ahead in a complex world that he had to live and that must be rescued from the current interpretation of history. This book by José Luis Trueba is already physically available in all the country’s bookstores and also in digital format.