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Morena accuses INE of violating the law

The National Executive Committee of Morena accused the National Electoral Institute (INE) of violating the law by issuing the call to renew the national leadership, and disappear gender equality.

“The (Electoral) Tribunal and the INE are blown away. Yesterday the INE consummated the determination to disappear and suppress gender parity,” said the national leader of Morena, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar.

In the first minutes of this Saturday the National Electoral Institute approved the call for the renewal of the national leadership of Morena.

It does not specify that there must be gender equality, as the party statutes indicate.

“We are not going to allow this to be consumed. It breaks with the democratic vocation, it suppresses the institutional framework,” said Ramírez Cuéllar.

With this situation, he mentioned, the contest is weakened and Morena’s institutionality ends.