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Netflix now offers free series and movies | The race

Acclaimed by critics and fans, these are the 10 productions that the platform offers you at no cost

Netflix joined the platforms streaming to make the pandemic a time where its users do not live in boredom and leisure constant for the few activities that isolation allows to do.

To win him the battle in a terrain that he widely dominates, subscription service for series and movies He decided offer some of their products fully free to reach that audience that cannot be made of your paid content.

Although in the series section it is only a glimpse of these, either a single chapter or the entire first season, the films are complete and are enough to spend several weekends glued to the screen with your loved ones.

We know that getting a streaming service is trial and error so, for you to confirm if it is worth making the monthly payment to join the Netflix community, Check out these 10 proposals that the platform offers you at no cost:

The Two Popes

Let’s start with one of Netflix’s strong cards. Receiving several Oscar nominations, the film details the relationship between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI, on his way to define the Argentine cleric as the leader of the Vatican and the Catholic religion.

Featuring performances by two industry giants like Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce, the film is an adaptation of the stage play “The Pope,” written by Anthony McCarten.


Now let’s go with a more relaxed theme. With Esther Expósito and Danna Paola at the helm, the Spanish series is a teenage story shrouded in suspense and mystery, which has made it the favorite of the young consumers of the platform.

In the search to meet Marina’s murderer, Elite shows you the excesses, relationships, intimacy and connection between a group of teenagers at Las Encinas school, making it extremely attractive.

Bird Box

In the rise of post-apocalyptic and deadly virus-themed tapes that turn people into killers, zombies, or invasions seeking to end human life, Netflix decided to release “Bird Box.”

The film is headed by Sandra Bullock who has to deal with a group of survivors fighting a “disease” that travels through the air and causes the population to commit suicide, the problem? You cannot open your eyes.

Stranger things

This is the heavyweight champion of the platform. Stranger Things is the favorite of the public who consume streaming series and has been praised by critics as it has won countless Emmy awards, Golden Globes, among other awards.

Taken back to the 80s, with a lot of pop references of the time, it shows us how a group of children helps “Eleven”, a product of laboratory tests, to confront a monster known as the “Demogorgon” and mad scientists who inhabit the town of Hawkins, under an air of mystery and terror.

Murder Mystery

In Luis Gerardo Méndez’s first appearance in a Hollywood production, alongside comedy giants like Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, “Murder Mistery” is a laid-back proposal to “hang out” with your family and friends.

In the purest style of the works of Agatha Christie, the film takes place in the middle of the mystery of the murder of a billionaire inside a ship sailing through Europe.

Boss Baby: Back in Business

In a constant fight by Dreamworks to beat the giant Disney and its Pixar studio, Boss Baby: Back in Business is the continuation of the film that was released in 2017.

The animated film production house, in collaboration with Netflix, shows us how difficult it is to do dirty work for “Ted.”

When They See Us

In a world full of injustices, “When They See Us” deals with this theme in a perfect way, which is why it is within the affection of specialized critics.

Relating the reason why five young people are unfairly accused after a violent attack in Central Park, a story that took place in the 80s, the film shows us the lack of equality during the time.

Love is blind

If there is something that catches the public’s attention, it is the reality show.

This television dating experiment seeks to make single people find love with a particular detail: they cannot meet face to face until they are engaged.

As its name says, what you are looking for is to know if “love is blind” or is it simply a phrase that happened in history.

Our Planet

One of the flags of Netflix are its documentaries and “Our Planet” is no exception.

In the true style of Discovery Channel, but with a fantastic production, the series shows us the wonders of planet Earth and every living being that inhabits it.

Using the power of current technology, the documentary does not miss a single detail of the beautiful and spectacular species that live here.

Grace and frankie

And there are for all ages. With a well known talented group of actors of yesteryear such as Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda,

Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, “Grace and Frankie” comes with a controversial, but funny theme: 30 years of marriage later, your husband is gay and will marry his best friend.

Discover the outcome of this striking mess in a nice sitcom that the platform brings you.

Now how can you see these ‘jewels’ totally free?

Easy and simple: enter to from your computer or your cell phone And voila! Welcome to this journey through select content that Netflix has chosen for you and those around you.

Spoiler alert: the “only bad thing” is waiting for a 30 second ad before starting each series or movie, but don’t worry! you can skip it and continue with your weekend plan to relax from pandemic stress.