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Ninel, very in love

Well, a lot of people turned their backs on seeing that I had dinner with Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos. Dinner was at an exclusive restaurant in the Santa Fe area. The invitation was from them to me, I arrived with my wife Verónica Cuevas and the first impression was that he is a very friendly guy, he is Colombian by birth, but American by citizenship . We talked for about three hours. Ninel is a good conversationalist and so is he. Of course the morbidity is great, because it has transpired that he was the boyfriend of Frida Sofía Guzmán, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter and that the girl had declared that he was not the millionaire that he bragged about being, that he had “stolen” millions of dollars from Alejandra Guzmán, since it had been Frida who had introduced them, but things escalated to the level that this man pretended to Guzmán, being her daughter’s partner.

There he is, there I have him, half a meter away, he doesn’t let go of Ninel’s hand, she doesn’t stop smiling, she looks happy. They tell me that they were introduced by a niece of Alejandro Fernández, El Potrillo, to whom Larry made her money multiply exponentially in a couple of years. That was what they told me.

What does he do? Well, he is dedicated to developing technology, apps for computers, for example, he told me of one that summarizes books in 20 minutes, as well as being a financial advisor to many people. When I touched on the subject of Alejandra Guzmán, she told me that yes, there is actually an issue to be resolved, which is being clarified in a positive way, because what happens is that the people to whom she gave Alejandra’s money left with him, but he says he is sure that will be resolved, but since there are confidentiality clauses, he cannot give interviews to anyone. When and how much is it? I ignore it in its entirety, but he assures that he will always answer for that investment.

Much was said on social networks about the toupee or wig that he wears and, of course I did notice it, it was a few centimeters away and it is very noticeable, but I think that is not a big problem because the man who, apparently, is a A solvent person from an economic point of view, treats her well, seeks her out, respects her and Ninel looks very happy. Congratulations and I hope this time is the final one.

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