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Pamela Anderson’s legendary passion for speed and motorcycles | The race

Pamela anderson gained fame for being one of the stars of Baywatch and a Playboy playmate. Also, she is well known for some intense relationships with Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and others, and for being quite wild in her youth.

However, another aspect that made her famous was her passion for motorcycles.

The 1996 film Barb Wire emphasized Anderson dressed in leather on top of a motorcycle she was riding. In fact, Anderson is still an avid motorcyclist, having once owned a 2004 Honda Valkyrie Rune. He could also be seen on a motorcycle with Kid Rock.

Pamela Anderson has also done public service announcements on responsible driving, such as helmet safety.

The actress has not slowed down with age, as it shows that she feels as comfortable on a bike as if she were on the beach.