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The maximum amount a family can get under the various stimulus check proposals in Congress | The race

There could be new news from the federal Legislature next week about the possibility of a second round of checks.

The checks that the IRS is still distributing were approved under the CARES Act.

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The waiting time to know if a new stimulus check will be approved continues, at least until this Tuesday when congressmen resume part of their legislative activities after the “Labor Day” recess.

Meanwhile, various groups, such as the 13.3 million who remain unemployed, continue to bet that the authorities will give way to new direct payments, after those approved under the CARES law.

What is a fact is that both Republicans and Democrats have introduced laws that include a second round of checks; HEALS Act and HEROES Act, respectively.

From what is, at the moment, on the table, we will break down the maximum amounts of money that a family could receive under both laws.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The checks that still the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues to distribute were approved under the CARES Act.


The statute, approved in March, provides a minimum check of $ 1,200 to individuals. Couples who jointly file taxes are supposed to receive $ 2,400 for both of them. While for the payment of dependents, the law establishes a credit of $ 500 for each one under the age of 17 up to a maximum of three. In the event that a family is credited with the money for the three dependents, the maximum figure reaches $ 3,900.

It should be noted that the previous analysis does not include the inconveniences that some tutors have had – as beneficiaries of the SeSocial insurance- to claim the $ 500 for minors in their custody.


Although HEALS Act, like the previous one, has payments of $ 500 per dependents, the information at the moment does not specify if there are three or less.

What is clear is that the Republican law does not limit dependents to those under 17 years of age, but would apply to other groups, such as university students; so the income under that concept could be higher.

After presenting the plan, President Donald Trump mentioned on Twitter that favors a measure whose maximum amount for a family is $ 3,400, without breaking down the items.

“I have directed @ stevenmnuchin1 to prepare to send direct payments ($ 3,400 for a family of four) to all Americans. THE DEMOCRATS ARE ENDURING THIS! ”, Reads one of the messages shared in mid-August on his account on the social network.

It is important to remember that in the next few days Republicans are expected to introduce smaller legislation whose provisions on stimulus checks, at the moment, are not clear.


HEROES Act, passed by Democrats in the House of Representatives, is the most generous of the pieces of legislation, awarding $ 1,200 for each dependent up to three. That same amount applies to each spouse. The sum of the above yields a maximum amount of $ 6,000 per family in the event that the beneficiary files joint returns and is eligible for all funds.

Like the HEALS Act, under the Democratic plan, other dependents over the age of 17 would be eligible for the $ 1,200 credit.