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What are the benefits of exercising outside in cold temperatures? | The race

Exercising outdoors can positively affect our mood

A common reasoning is what to do exercise outdoors at low temperatures it can diminish or hinder our performance, but little is thought about the possible benefits that this practice can offer us. We will talk about them below.

Benefits of exercising outdoors in cold temperatures

According to the portal Curiosities, the mix of sports, nature and low temperatures strengthens the heart as a result of your need to continuously pump blood to maintain body temperature.

Along with cardiac strengthening, the body is forced to burn accumulated calories, which serve as a repository of energy that the body has at its disposal in certain cases.

Exercising outdoors and in cold temperatures encourages sun exposure by the body. This exposure is positive because it allows us to absorb vitamin D associated with the sun’s rays.

Training outdoors and at low temperatures is an activity that can improve our mood when a significant endorphin release, which are hormones related to our mood.

Precautions for outdoor exercise

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Training outdoors with low temperatures requires that we have certain precautions so that the weather does not affect us too much.

First of all, it is necessary have some type of coat that reduces our exposure to the cold. This coat can be uncomfortable for the activity you want to do, so you have to define what you will do outdoors in order to choose the most appropriate coat.

It would also be appropriate that take with you a hot drink to help you regain your body temperature in case your coat is not enough. A drink that you can take can be hot chocolate.

If you are considering exercising outside, you should first discuss your decision with your healthcare provider to ensure that this practice will not harm your Health. This will ensure that what you receive from this practice will be beneficial to you.