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With a sexy bikini, Romina Marcos shows off her provocative curves in front of the sea | The race

Niurka’s daughter posed in profile for the camera, revealing her tattoos and provocative curves to thousands of followers

Romina Marcos.

Photo: Óscar Mireles / Reform Agency

During your last trip to the beach, Romina Marcos She flaunted her curves and tattoos with tiny bikinis.

For a few days, the daughter of Niurka He has shared on social networks some images in which he shows the stylized figure he got after undergoing a healthy diet and exercises that toned his muscles.

With the sensuality that she inherited from the controversial starlet, Romina again he shared in his account Instagram a series of sensual photographs in which she posed giving a daring profile to the camera, revealing her tattoos and provocative curves to thousands of followers.

Wishing that this wonderful moment would never end, he described the image with the word “Unfading“, Winning the hearts of thousands of fans who immediately rated the photos with about 30 thousand red hearts.

Days before, he shared another series of snapshots in which he used this same two-piece swimsuit, with which he paralyzed his social profile.

As if this were not enough for her loyal admirers, she also used a sexy red floss bikini, with which more than one wished to be with her on the beautiful beaches of the state of Oaxaca.

Posing from the terrace and under the rays of the sun, Romina unleashed all kinds of compliments, since she also proudly showed off her skin imperfections.