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Yeidckol Polevnsky goes to FGR for information about a complaint against him

The secretary general of the Morena party, Yeidckol Polevnsky, went this Friday afternoon to the main headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to request information on the complaint filed against him by the leader of that political institute, Alfonso Ramírez Cuellar, for property damage and money laundering.

He assured that he had no interference in the financial affairs of the party, for which he ruled out that this case affects him in the face of the internal process that the National Regeneration Movement is going through to renew the leadership, to which it aspires.

“I am sure not, because I do not believe that the complaint exists and if there were, it has no basis that could implicate me because Morena’s statute is very clear, the powers of the president are political and legal representation and all financial issues correspond to him. to the Secretary of Finance, but in the case of Morena Nacional, neither did President López Obrador when he was president of the party, nor I, we do not like the issue of managing resources, we do not even sign, the Secretary of Finance does it directly He is the only one authorized and does not have to consult or request authorization from the president of the party, “he replied to an express question.

For Polevnsky, it is noteworthy that Ramírez Cuellar has asked the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) for an extension of his mandate until 2022.

“I remember that he said he had come for four months and was leaving, and now I see that he does not want to leave as Morena became very attractive to many who did not work on forming and founding it and that today they are brown at heart, but I in the I did not see them in rallies and marches and in the difficult moments we went through, neither. The only thing I would hope is that whoever wants to be part of the party would have a little experience in political parties, in winning elections, in knowing all the work that It is done in a game, because many people say that Morena is like a large company, no, it is like many companies, small businesses, shops, all together because we have everything, “he said.