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Archdiocese urgent to restore religious heritage after 19-S

After the earthquake of September 19, some churches that suffered severe damage, such as the Calvario del Señor del Huerto church in Joquicingo, continued in 2019 waiting for resources for their reconstruction. File photo: Cuartoscuro


The Archdiocese of Mexico demanded that the civil authorities “keep their promise” to restore the artistic, historical, cultural and religious heritage of Mexico City, which was damaged by the earthquake of September 19, 2017.

The Catholic hierarchy launched an alert call this Sunday to the responsible authorities due to the fact that crime, burglary and vandalism have been responsible for generating more damage to the patrimony of Mexicans, such is the case of the fire that occurred in the Parish of La Santa Veracruz more than a week ago and that had been closed for three years due to the earthquake.

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“Only united with the civil authorities and ecclesial communities will it be possible to restore and raise our fallen buildings, but not destroyed ones. We do not want to fall into discouragement or fatigue; although we have many reports of progress and very good, we need more. We trust in which the authorities will keep their word committed in the restoration itineraries to continue the rescue of this heritage “, highlighted in its editorial the Catholic weekly From the Faith.

He stressed that “letting these sites fall prey to neglect, abandonment, and insecurity is an attack on our history.”

The message of the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico emphasized that it is not about safeguarding the temples where the Catholic religion is professed, but about recovering what belongs to all Mexicans in terms of architectural and artistic wealth.

The concern, added the editorial, is also shared by various archdioceses throughout the country because more temples are closed and at risk of greater damage.

“These monuments are of wide cultural and artistic relevance; they are the patrimony of all, not only of Catholics, because of the history they teach us and the art gathered by the best architects and visual artists in Mexico, a reflection of the history of our people” , he indicated.

The message acknowledged that the costs of restoring the temples are high and arduous given the studies and processes that must be carried out, especially if the intention is for this heritage to last “for many more centuries.”

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He also said he was aware that the economic situation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult to register greater progress in the preservation of cultural and religious heritage.

Despite this, the editorial expressed the confidence of the Archdiocese of Mexico that the heritage will be restored and made clear its commitment to contribute to said recovery.

“It is a fact that the economic situation and the pandemic have complicated progress, but we remain confident that everything will be restored and, on our part, we commit that, after the application of the allocated resources, we will collaborate with the People of God in the details of improvement “pointed the editorial.

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