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Bárbara Islas confesses that she suffered harassment from an important Televisa actor | The race

The host of Cuéntamelo Ya decided not to report for fear that the actor would retaliate

The actress and host Barbara Islas revealed to have suffered harassment by an actor from Televisa with a long history.

During a chat with Karla Diaz and Yordi Pink For the YouTube channel ‘Pinky Promise’, the interpreter said that a man, with whom she shared cameras for a soap opera, but whose identity she omitted, made strong sexual proposals and did not receive support from other colleagues.

I was a bit crossed by various things, alcohol and drugs and so on. I was with a person. He approached us and told us the worst vulgarities that they have told me in my life“, Confessed the former member of broadcasts as” Neither with you nor without you. “

He started telling the guy and me that we were together, like: ‘Hey, I brought a whore. Hold on to her and I’ll fuck Barbara. ‘ I swear we all stay like this. I said: It is not true what is happening. She said to me: ‘Since I saw you I want to fuck you. We are going?’“, He recounted.

According to Islas, this person gave him a kiss and caused a wound in the eyes of other actors and actresses, who later reproached him for not setting limits.

The interpreter considered denouncing the actor, who is married and has children, even spoke with other people, but they asked him to analyze the consequences.

They told me: ‘Just be very careful, remember that people are going to get on you. You’re on a morning show, family. This person is going to say mass, he is going to say that you went, that you get on top of him. ‘ As there was so much panorama, that I said: I don’t know, I was afraid of what he might do. Because he also has a violent historyHe explained.

After the confession, Barbara asked that these acts of harassment be not justified.