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“His departure hurts me a lot”: Cristian Castro talks about how much he misses his father, “El Loco” Valdés | The race

Despite not having grown up as father and son, the singer assures that both achieved a great connection

Cristian castro claims that he always tried to be close to his dad, Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, and that The departure of the Mexican comedian has hurt him a lot, who passed away on August 28 after a long battle against cancer.

“We made a friendship, a beautiful relationship, dad and son who were friends. I wanted to be as close as possible, I was the most loving that I could ”.

“Obviously, his departure hurts me a lot. She is a person who lived to the fullest and. I love how he lived, with excesses, with excesses of love ”.

Verónica Castro’s son announces his first concert via streaming to be broadcast from Los Angeles, California, next September 19.

“I haven’t given shows for a long time and I already want to give one. I already feel very anxious to be able to deliver them again, to interpret songs, to feel like a singer again, to feel that I am connecting with many people ”.

And faced with the question of how your audience will fall in love with this presentation, the singer joked with his lack of ability to fall in love and even mentioned his three divorces.

“If I could make someone fall in love, I think I would not have divorced, I wouldn’t have been divorced three times. “

“I think I don’t know how to fall in love. What I know is trying to transmit a song, that’s what I want, I want to convey to you ”.