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‘INE advisers were convinced to change their vote,’ accuses Felipe Calderón

Former President Felipe Calderón accused that the advisers of the National Electoral Institute (INE) were “convinced” to change their vote against so that Mexico Libre would not obtain the registration last Friday.

In his Twitter account, the ex-president pointed out that counselor Adriana Favela Herrera knew the party’s file and that, he assured, the requirements for registration had been met, so he would vote in favor, however, he noted that the counselor “of suddenly “voted against.

“What happened at the INE that from one day to another councilors were” convinced “to change their vote? See: The councilor knew the file and knew that we had met the requirements. She would vote in favor. Suddenly she votes against for reasons that he says he does not know. You judge, “he wrote.

In the extract of the video released by Calderón Hinojosa, the electoral councilor is heard commenting:

“I voted in favor of the Free Mexico project, but I just found out that a hearing on August 4 that was given to the Technical Unit of the Electoral Contentious was not processed; just yesterday I understand that it was formed the background notebook where irregularities in the formation of this organization are being reported.

“So I don’t have those elements, and therefore I would vote against giving Mexico Libre registration,” he said.

After this decision of the INE, Margarita Zavala, wife of President Calderón, announced that they will go to the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) to cast under this decision.