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Massive COVID infections are concerned

Common sense and a culture of civic health are key so that gyms, spas, fifths, event rooms, conventions and resorts do not become sources of contagion in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These places were authorized to reopen on Friday by Governor Jaime Rodríguez.

The activity that occurs in these sites is known as “superspreader” or potential massive contagion events, explained infectologist José Tirán.

“Obviously there is an economic crisis and we have to move forward. The real problem is that we have a very poor culture of civic health,” said the specialist. “People are going to go out without measures. Despite all these months we see that they use the mask badly or many do not use it.”

The measures that should be followed are the use of face masks, a mask in crowded places, frequent hand washing, and maintaining a distance between people of at least two meters. Also avoid living with large groups and not staying with other people in closed and poorly ventilated spaces.

“These recommendations are contrary to the reopening,” he said. “A reopening could be done if we had a civic culture. The problem is that they behave in a very irresponsible way.”


Although the reopening of fifths was only announced on Friday, photos and videos of parties in these spaces have circulated on social networks.

Among the COVID-19 cases he attends, the pulmonologist Abelardo Elizondo lists at least 15 families whose members are infected, from the nuclear family to the extended family.

The cases have in common that the contagion occurred at a family party.

For example, an older woman in her 70s had her birthday organized by her children and grandchildren. Ten were infected and the birthday girl was admitted to the hospital.

“I think this (the reopening) is not going to work because society is not doing its part,” said Elizondo, division chief of Pulmonology at the Mexican Society of Pulmonology and Thorax Surgery.

Tiran noted that it is common for doctors to treat entire families infected. He has at least 35 cases with outpatient care.

“Almost all the colleagues bring 20 or 25 (cases) and it is in waves. A lot was detonated on vacation,” said the infectologist.

For the reopening, Elizondo and Tirán agree that it is necessary for the Government to increase the tests and thus have greater control of contagion.

“Being realistic, (the reopening) is going to have an impact on an increase in the number of cases,” said Michel Fernando Martínez, head of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Preventive Medicine unit at TecSalud.

The leader of the COVID-19 medical team considered that the problem will be vigilance in compliance with the measures.

For example, if restaurants have extended hours until 00:00 hours, Martinez wonders if the measures will be met until that time.

“We have to see scenes of restaurants full of people in closed places and these conditions lead to a greater number of infections,” he said.