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‘PRI will not pay for the costs of those who carry their name’

“Enough of media circuses,” demanded the national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, for the eventual appearance before authorities of former president Enrique Peña Nieto for the Odebrecht case, in which the former director of Petróleos Mexicanos, Emilio Lozoya , faces a process.

At the start of the campaigns in the state, Moreno pointed out that “the PRI is not anyone’s lawyer” and did not answer whether he had already spoken with the former president. He said that the PRI will not pay for the costs and mistakes of those who carry the name of the party because “they have a first and last name.” “The PRI understands that in this new reality we have made mistakes in the past for some, who later drag the name of our party, but this national leadership is not going to pay the costs or the mistakes of others, because at the end of the road who will make them commit has a first and last name, “he said.

He argued that these are distractors (of the Federal Government) so that people do not notice the serious problems that afflict Mexico such as the health crisis due to Covid-19, the economy and insecurity. He added that in two years President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not delivered results or fulfilled the promises he made in the campaign. He pointed out that if someone has accusations of illegal acts against any public servant or former servant, they must report to the courts so that it is investigated and punished, if appropriate.

In Saltillo, where he accompanied candidates for local deputies who started political campaigns this Saturday, he anticipated the electoral triumph of the PRI in the state. There will be 40 days of proselytism for the elections on October 18 to renew the Congress of Coahuila. In a joint conference with the president of the PRI State Steering Committee, Rodrigo Fuentes Ávila, they anticipated the electoral victory in this state; they assured they have the best candidates and the best legislative proposal. As they were prohibited from holding rallies, only meetings with few people due to the coronavirus pandemic, they guaranteed to respect the healthy distance and health protocols.

The PRI members started the promotion to vote in networks with “The Revolution of Digital Activism.” “We are ready and we go with everything, with the best candidates to champion the social causes of the people and win the 16 electoral districts in Coahuila,” he said. Moreno Cárdenas also predicted the electoral victory in Hidalgo, where the campaigns also began. He stressed that the Priismo of Coahuila is an example at the national level and boasted the results of the state administration. He ratified the commitment of the national leadership in charge of being respectful of the law.

He highlighted that the polls place Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís as one of the three best governors in the country and the mayor of Saltillo, Manolo Jiménez Salinas, among the five best municipal presidents. “We are not prosecutors or judges, that’s what the competent courts are for any indication made against any official or former official, a member of any party,” he said. He added that they will not overlap any act of corruption by any militant and the day it occurs, and is in court, we will not only point it out but “we will recognize it when the authority does its job well.” He stressed that in the PRI all public resources are auditable and transparent before the electoral authority.