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States will give an extra $ 300 to unemployed. When will they start to distribute them? | The race

Due to the large number of unemployed, the money budgeted for this support could run out sooner than expected.

Photo: ADEK BERRY / AFP / Getty Images

More than 40 states will start giving an additional $ 300 in unemployment benefits checks starting this Monday, September, as reported by the Federal Agency for Emergency Management, according to The Sun.

The agency will issue the additional $ 300 to those who qualify. This money will be added to the amount they are already receiving weekly.

The extra $ 300 will go to anyone who receives unemployment benefits of at least $ 100. This means that if you do not currently qualify for at least $ 100 per week in unemployment benefits, you will not be eligible for the additional $ 300 from the federal government.

The program was approved for the extra money to be given until December 27 of this year. The government has set aside $ 44 billion to cover the cost of the benefit, although it should be noted that there is no guarantee that the funds will last until the end of the year, considering there has been an increase in job applications.

Currently, some 30 million people receive unemployment benefits.

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