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The existence of manatees in danger

Although manatees do not have predators in their natural habitat, factors such as pollution have greatly affected the species. Photo: PIXABAY


The manatees They’re in Danger of extinction, in Mexico the overexploitation of the species and the degradation of their habitat have caused the number of specimens to decrease drastically.

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In Veracruz, in the area near Alvarado there is a natural habitat for these animals, however, in the Veracruz’s aquarium there are 9 manatees, 6 females and 3 males, the first two arrived in 1998 and from then on they have been reproducing in this enclosure where eight young have been born.

“In Veracruz, here 70 kilometers south of the port is the Alvarado lagoon system and there we still have manatees in free life and we have to do a lot for the preservation and conservation of this species since fishing and pollution are also causing these species may be moving or being lost ”, assured Alejandro de la Rosa, Veterinarian in charge of aquarium mammals.

Although manatees do not have predators in their natural habitat, Factors such as pollution have greatly affected the species.

“In their natural habitat they do not have predators and here the behavior they take is very peaceful, every day we feed them lettuce, but we also give them snacks, and it is this diet that we use to train,” said Arturo Palomino, Biologist and coach.

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The training of this species in the Aquarium is based on operant conditioning and is carried out so that they can have a medical management.

“Mainly we do it to be able to have a good clinical evaluation of these animals, they can be very heavy, more than 500 kilograms, with these cooperative behaviors, with the help of two partners we can keep the specimen, with this we do monitoring, we can do monitoring”, De la Rosa stated.

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