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They are the masters of the asphalt


The deterioration of the asphalt holds stories of glory, pain and passion of the global counterculture, and skateboarding is no exception: a relationship between man, board and four wheels that has written epics such as the Hawkman defying gravity with a pirouette of 900 degrees and its inclusion in the Olympics.

But every good movement needs an excellent soundtrack, so this sport adopted, within its DNA, the protest of punk rock, hip-hop and metal, genres perfectly represented in the soundtrack of the classic Tony Hawk video game and franchise. Pro Skater, whose reissue of its first two titles, 20 years after its release, is now available.

Has it been so long !? ”, exclaimed Mathias Färm in an interview he gave to Excelsior two years ago,“ I have only the best memories of that game. Now I have aged and I have stopped skating with the same energy as 30 years ago, but if we talk about the game I can only say that it took us to so many countries that we could not imagine treading.

The public started looking for our records because they were wondering ‘who are these guys from No Cigar?’ By then we already had four albums, but Tony helped us to make Pennybridge Pioneers a classic and a favorite of many, “he said by phone.

Mexico, Brazil and Argentina are latitudes that crossed years later thanks to a simple song, which now has 45 million views on Spotify, “and surely a similar amount had on the old platforms (such as Napster and Ares, a space for sharing files, not legalized) ”.

The game’s leading skater took to Instagram to explain and share more than 50 songs that accompanied him every time he went skating or that his fellow skateparks used to listen to, a list that included Papa Roach, Anthrax, Public Enemy, Lagwagon, The Vandals , Rage Against The Machine, Powerman 5000, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion and Goldfinger, among others who return to be part of the family in the new game.

Additionally, 37 new guests including Billy Talent, Less Than Jake, Machine Gun Kelly, MxPx, Reel Big Fish, Sublime, The Ataris, Cherry Kola, Craig Craig ft. Icy Black.

Max Barrera, a skater for the Vans team and one of the most important athletes in Mexico, shared, like many others in the world, that his favorite skater to take control was Chad Muska.

It is very similar to my style of skating, ”he says in a telephone interview.

Skateboarding and music go together from the beginning, because what counts as a skater is your video part, what you do on the street, what you record and accompany with a song. It is a shared culture. What the game does is show the world the true representation of skateboarding: music, fashion, art and sport ”, he explained.

He started giving the table at 8 years old. In 1988 he did not go out without his walkman. He was carrying cassettes of Dead Kennedys, Primus, Bad Religion, Pennywise, La Polla Records, Suicidal Tendencies, Eskorbuto.

They were the reflection of what was happening in the world. Right now all those bands are cool, not before, before you were weird if you heard that. In elementary and middle school they always saw me as ‘what is this boy doing and what is he?’ “, He added.

The game is practically a single or multiplayer mode that transports the skater to different cities around the world, making use of public spaces to perform tricks, vandalizing private property with graffiti and even jumping homeless to score and meet challenges.

However, it is these aspects that have demonized music and sportsmen all over the world. According to the Spanish magazine Empiria, focused on the methodology of the social sciences, skateboarders are part of all rebellious youth who challenge conventional social models and the management of public space.

Many countries have legislated and punished these athletes to the extent of prohibiting the practice of skateboarding in many areas, one of the main factors behind the famous phrase “skate is not a crime” (skateboarding is not a crime), and they are right For a reason, it is a popular sport among youth and a symbol of global unity that caught the attention of the International Olympic Committee.

We were pigeonholed as antisocial, those who break trash cans and don’t care, weird ones for listening to punk, but now it’s universal, one goes to a skatepark and sees families practicing, kids playing sports perfectly protected. That’s why I always say that we are in the best time of skateboarding: breaking paradigms and cultural stigmas ”, Max said.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 includes classic skaters like Steve Caballero, Bucky Lask, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Elissa Steamer, among other veterans, in addition to new blood like Leticia Bufoni and Tony’s son, Riley Hawk.

A confirmation, yes nostalgic, of a youth and attitude that will never disappear from the streets of the world, as explained last year by East Bay Ray, guitarist for the Dead Kennedys, prior to his participation in the Domination festival.

It will survive until the end of time, because it is very good music. The Clash, Ramones and … I hope the Kennedys too. The attitude also prevails … only there are fewer Bob Dylans and there are more YouTubers, “he said.


Colt 1328

Max Barrera, in addition to being a skater and athlete for the Vans team, with whom he promoted the #EducaConVans initiative, which aimed to donate school scholarships for children in Mexico, is also a bassist for the punk rock band Colt 1328, whose songs are on his Soundcloud channel, YouTube and Bandcamp. His latest theme is Redeem himself. “This band is totally geared towards skateboarding and inspired by the game,” said the skater.


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