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They criticize the Amnesty Commission; has not granted any freedom

The first amnesty requests have reached the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), where the authorities review at least 350 files of people in prison who seek to regain their freedom in this way.

According to documents, the 350 petitions were received by the Technical Secretariat of the Amnesty Commission between June 19 and August 13.

It was also reported that 77% of the amnesty requests are from people accused of committing crimes against health, in modalities such as transportation, trade, traffic, export, import and possession.

The rest of the petitions are for crimes of federal and even common law: cattle ranching, sexual abuse, organized crime, qualified homicide, carrying a firearm, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, human trafficking, use of counterfeit currency and rape.

According to the amnesty law, as well as the statements made by lawyers and human rights defenders, people who seek amnesty do so because they consider that they committed their crime without violence, were in a situation of poverty or vulnerability or belonged to an indigenous community and not they had access to a translator, among other factors.

Two and a half months have passed since the creation of the Amnesty Commission and more than four months since the publication of the Law in the DOF, but Segob reported that this mechanism has not yet granted any freedom.