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‘We do not tolerate hate speech’, VW responds by swastika in agency

Photo: Taken from Twitter @AdinaChel.


After going viral the complaint of a user of social networks that classified as ‘a shame’ that in a Coyoacán vehicle agency in Mexico City an image with a swastika -symbol chosen by Nazism as the emblem of the Aryan race- was exhibited, Volkswagen of Mexico He assured that the images do not correspond to his corporate image or that of the distributors, so they would take action in this regard.

Through his Twitter account, the social network in which the controversy occurred, Volkswagen of Mexico “We have a history that we have learned from. We value respect, equity, illusion and freedom ”.

And he assured that “We will not tolerate manifestations of hatred or discrimination.”

This, after the user of social networks denounced last Saturday that “hanging a swastika is an apology for the worst crime of humanity. Whoever is anti-Semitic is homophobic is racist (sic) ”.

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In the images he shared on the social network, a scene from Nazi Germany appears in which a ‘vocho’ appears, a model that was first seen in Mexico in 1954 and that in 2003 it released its last edition around the world.

Said photograph was exhibited in an agency Volkswagen located in the city hall of Coyoacan, where it was photographed.

In this regard, Embassy of Germany in Mexico He expressed that these images are “completely unacceptable in Mexico” and condemned “that disrespectful propaganda,” as he expressed it through his official Twitter account.

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The Embassy and the Charge d’Affaires learned with rejection and rejection of the unpleasant forums at the VW agency in Coyoacán. In view of the victims of nationalism and their descendants, these images are also completely unacceptable in Mexico.

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