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What to eat according to the blood type diet | The race

Have you thought about basing your diet based on your blood type? There is a diet that suggests choosing foods, condiments, and even exercises according to blood type you belong to, either O, A, B or AB, can lose weight, be healthier, and live longer. This diet was created in 1996 by Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician. We will see what it is about and if it works.

According to D’Adamo, the foods you eat react chemically with your blood type. So with a diet that is designed for each type, the body will digest food more efficiently. Consequently there is a loss of weight, more energy, and diseases can be prevented.

Type O blood: A diet high in protein, rich in lean meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Limit cereals, beans, and legumes. Should be avoid wheat, corn, and dairy. Seafood, seaweed, red meat, broccoli, spinach, and olive oil are best for weight loss.

The naturopath also recommends supplements to help with stomach problems that type O people tend to have. He also advises high intensity aerobic exercise.

Type A blood: A diet no red meat and dairy should be avoided. Food based on fruits and vegetables, beans and other legumes, tofu, seafood, turkey and whole grains; ideally organic and fresh food, because D’Adamo says that people with type A blood have a sensitive immune system. For weight loss, seafood, vegetables, pineapple, olive oil, and soy are recommended.

Low intensity activities such as yoga or tai chi are suggested and include meditation as part of your routine.

Type B blood: Diet diverse including meat and low-fat dairy, eggs, fruits, seafood, and grains. Avoid corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, chicken, and sesame seeds. To lose weight, people with type B should choose vegetables, eggs, liver, and licorice tea.

Type AB blood: Eat tofu, fish, dairy products, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. D’Adamo points out that people with type AB blood tend to have little stomach acid. Advise do not consume caffeine, alcohol, and smoked or cured meats. To lose weight, the consumption of tofu, shellfish, green vegetables and seaweed is advised, avoiding chicken, corn, buckwheat and beans.


One of the most important points to consider is that the diet based on blood type does not consider chronic diseases or conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, or heart disease. Sick people should eat according to their conditions regardless of blood type, as indicated by doctors in WebMD and Harvard Health Publishing.

Another drawback of this diet is that it is a restrictive plan and that can be a problem for personal preferences, such as a vegan with blood type O where a high-protein meat-based diet is suggested. In contrast, for a person with blood type A and who love meat, you will not be happy having to limit one of your favorite foods.

Also, supplements from the D’Adamo line as well as recommended organic foods are not cheap.


Weight loss is likely because dieting can be very restrictive. However, no high-quality studies have been published on the blood type diet.

A review of various studies on the blood diet published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conclude that there is no evidence to validate the purported health benefits of blood type diets.

What can be rescued from this diet is that processed foods and simple carbohydrates are avoided. Before following a diet to lose weight, you should choose those that have scientific support and preferably have the guidance of a nutritionist.