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Ana Bárbara appears dancing one of her hits with tight black leggings | The race

Ana Barbara She does not miss the opportunity to show off the radiant figure that she has achieved with effort, discipline and a healthy diet, so this weekend she wasted sensuality in a video in which she danced one of her recent musical hits.

The 49-year-old artist took the opportunity to show off with her followers some garments engraved with her name, which she wore while moving her curves to the rhythm of the song “Que poco”.

The recording was shared on his TikTok account, where he already has 3.4 million followers. Later “La Reina Grupera” pleased her Instagram fans with the same clip that already has nearly 300 thousand views, confirming that she is not only a successful singer, but a true celebrity within social networks.

Pretty“,”Precious“,”I love everything“,”Divine“,”Perfection“,”What a great body“,”You look very cute“,”You look beautiful with everything“, Were just some messages he received this time.

A few days ago, the Mexican singer showed off her spectacular figure from the beach, where she wore tiny bikinis that left her fans breathless.

One of the outfits that attracted the most attention was a black bikini with which she posed from the room of the place where she stayed, however, to the surprise of her loyal fans she also performed a sensual dance with which she fell in love with thousands.