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At 1 month of dating, Beli gets tattooed the initials of Christian Nodal

Christian presented her with a diamond necklace with the word: Nodeli.


Belinda and Christian nodal They do not stop giving what to talk about, first because of the beginning of their relationship, then because of their ‘fights’ on social networks and now because of what Beli did as proof of her love.

At this stage It is clear to all of us that love is real and is very serious.

They claim that Belinda ran the contestant of La Voz out of jealousy

This is how the happy couple boasted it through their Instagram Stories where they celebrated their first month. Well its first month officially, because according to them this actually they have four together.

And it is that despite the fact that in the past Belinda was always shown as a cold woman, love cannot be hidden and decided to surprise the singer.

The singer had a heart tattooed for a long time and promised her fans that when her true love arrived, she would fill it with her initials. So it was, Belinda covered the inside of that little heart with the letters: CN, initials of Christian nodal.

And that was not all, Belinda she gave her boyfriend a jewel, as we tell you in this note.

‘You can see, you’re going to shit,’ Belinda tells her boyfriend, before showing him the detail that she has.

But if you thought that only she had these details with her boyfriend, you are wrong. Christian also gave a diamond choker to his girlfriend with the word: Nodeli and tattooed the number 4 (the months he has been with Belinda) next to a bow, because the boy admits that he is shot by the green eye.


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