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Barbosa will give the Cry of Independence without an audience in Puebla

Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta will give the Cry of Independence in the zócalo of the City of Puebla but without an audience and asked the municipal presidents to decide whether or not to call for this historic act.

What the state president did ensure is that there will be a sound and light show so that this national celebration does not go unnoticed, which can be seen in the live broadcast that Channel 26 will do and by the signal of the television stations that want to join.

Barbosa Huerta explained that, within the state, each municipality will make the decision whether or not to call the Cry of Independence, this depending on the color of the state and federal traffic lights in which they are.

However, he reiterated his exhortation to the mayors in Puebla not to put this act aside.

In addition, the president congratulated the people of Puebla for their effort in social discipline, and reiterated his call to maintain preventive measures, such as the use of face masks and healthy distance, in order not to stop activities again.